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A qualified internet and intranet professional, I have background experience in typesetting, graphic design and website design.

No project is too large or too small to be customised.

Experienced in all aspects of website design and functionality including:
• domain registration
• website hosting
• administration of existing websites
• search engine optimisation.

I am experienced in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite which includes Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

These programmes enable me to:
 • originate unique and bespoke web pages
 • create e-commerce website solutions  
      that can include payment buttons
 • edit photographs for desired results
 • create original graphics and artwork

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  Recently launched websites (Please click on the links below to see some examples of my work)  
Below are some examples of my artwork created in Adobe Illustrator as vector images
  original logo and graphic design  

This logo was designed and drawn inhouse.

Created as an original vector image that can be reproduced in any format to very large sizes without pixelation or degradation. The file size remains small and therefore is ideal for creating fully controllable internet graphics.

Original artwork can also be animated
  American Footbal Helmet   Once drawn, artwork can be edited to include "corporate" colours and logos  
Streetmaps can be created to include specific details and landmarks
Street Map
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